Superior Skin Repairing Mask


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Beautinélle Nano Treatment Mask—crafted from medical-grade silk to provide exceptional firmness while soothing sensitive skin. This luxurious mask is infused with an intricate blend of six potent, active ingredients specifically formulated to calm and repair skin, complemented by three hydrating elements for ultimate moisture balance. Engineered to counteract the daily environmental stressors that skin encounters—such as dryness, sunburn, redness, peeling, and uneven skin tone—our nano treatment mask serves as a gentle yet powerful restorative treatment. Designed to be mild and anti-sensitive, it is suitable for all skin types and recommended for daily use to achieve radiant, resilient skin.

Key Benefits:

  • Medical-Grade Silk Fabric: Crafted from high-quality, medical-grade silk, the mask provides superior firmness and is exceptionally gentle on sensitive skin, making it ideal for all skin types.
  • Six Active Ingredients: Enriched with a complex blend of six potent, active ingredients, this mask is specially formulated to calm and repair skin, addressing a range of concerns from redness to irritation.
  • Triple Hydration Boost: Alongside its repairing components, the mask also features three hydrating ingredients to replenish moisture, providing a balanced approach to skincare.
  • Multi-Functional Repair: Designed to combat a variety of common skin issues such as dryness, sunburn, peeling, and uneven tone, the Nano Treatment Mask serves as a comprehensive solution for revitalizing stressed skin.
  • Mild and Anti-Sensitive: Created to be mild and anti-sensitive, this mask is suitable for daily use, offering a safe and effective way to maintain radiant, resilient skin.



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